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Innovative student employment solutions for your business

The student union service you've been waiting for. Guaranteed lowest service fee, extended recruitment solutions, administration-free.

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80.000+ potential student workers


Students’ Union

Take your student employment to the next level!

  • Save time with the Quantum Student Union platform: start recruiting, sign up and make payments with just a few clicks!
  • Employ students completely tax-free with the lowest service fees!
  • Track all your current hours, payments and contract status easily!
  • Take advantage of our free recruitment service to get your offer to tens of thousands of students actively looking for work!
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The best student union fees guaranteed



    • Reaching tens of thousands of potential student workers
    • Assess and pre-screen candidates, so all you have to do is select the perfect employee
    • No commitment! Even if you didn’t hire any candidates, recruitment was completely free. If you’re even slightly considering hiring a new employee, you can’t lose with this option!

    Student Employment

    • We will issue a VAT invoice for the service, the above price does not include VAT.
    • Statutory minimum student union commission
    • For jobs subject to minimum wage
    • The most favourable form of student employment
    • Under 25 years tax and contribution free
    • Available to all new partners, regardless of location, size and scope of activity


    • We will issue a VAT invoice for the service, the above price does not include VAT.
    • For jobs requiring secondary education
    • Everything in the Student Employment package + free recruitment
    • Guaranteed best service fee for student employment linked to secondary education

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    “...which means that students and the companies employing them can carry out all the necessary administration online, with one or two clicks of a button for registration and contracting, and all parties involved can see in real time where the process is at any given moment. The system is fully automated, making it cost-effective and fast.”


    “With digital contracts and online administration, they can reduce manual work to almost zero and do not need so many administrators, offices and costs. But it's not just cheaper, it's also easier, as students and businesses can do everything online.”


    “In this particular segment of student employment, digital HR solutions have proven to be very successful: it saves valuable time for students and partners, and lower costs for companies thanks to more competitive prices, means they can then spend the money on student salaries.”



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    “We have more than 10 students working through Quantum, yet we spend barely one or two minutes on administration per month. We are very grateful to them for that!”


    “Quantum School Co-operative has shown outstanding flexibility and responsiveness from the outset, which has made the joint recruitment process run smoothly.”


    “As young as they are, they are talented and determined. This level of professionalism and responsibility will take them far!”

    Petya Balogh

    Why choose Quantum?

    Benefits of student work

    In Hungary (in most cases), employment through a student union is completely tax and contribution-free. We offer our partners simplicity, as they don’t have to worry about contributions as when paying the wages. You can read more about thishere.

    Digital experience

    Say goodbye to paperwork! With us, you don’t have to wait for the administrator, spend time with scanning, understanding endless email threads. Sign your contract online in minutes, and let our automated student union system take care of all other administration for you.

    A cost-effective solution

    We also save a lot of time (and money) thanks to automated processes. This way we can guarantee the lowest possible service fee. If you want to know more, read our article on the topic!

    We also help you with recruitment!

    We help find the perfect student for you! We provide free access to our job portal and recruit candidates from our student database. We even pre-assess them on demand.

    Fast response time

    We know how valuable your time is! Quantum Student Union’s chat support team can help you with any problems you may have within minutes⚡


    Let's start working together!