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Quantum Digital Student Association

The Innovative Startup that reformed the Hungarian student employment sector by eliminating paperwork

80.000+ potential student workers


Student Association

Fully autamated proccesses🎉

Any student can start working in the matter of minutes, completely online

Our goal is to save you not only time, but money! On Quantum's platform, we have automated everything from contracting to time management and invoicing.

If you want to visit the future and say goodbye to paperwork, join us and experience the work with Quantum Digital Student Association! 🧡



Invoices on demand, prompt and error-free at the end of every month


Prompt invoicing to ensure that students' salaries are paid as soon as possible


Automatic contract creation or additions with only a few clicks

Membership Registry

Real-time tracking of statuses, wages, hours worked

Screenshot of the QuantumSoft student HR administration software

The cheapest form of employment in Hungary

  • Student work through an association under 25 years of age is typically completely tax-free!
  • The perfect way to gain experience and earn money from a young age!
  • This also benefits our partners, as they can offer much higher wages than other forms of employment

We started in Shark Tank but now the sky is the limit!

  • We started as students but now we work with the biggest international companies; eg. Wolt, Delivery Hero, AmRest, etc.
  • Thanks to our innovative software we have undercut the market prices by 300% whilst providing a convinient and error free service for our partners and students

Some of our 250+ partners:

We are happy to help!

What do we do?

We are the matchmakers between the student and the employer. We take care of all work related administrative tasks for a really modest fee (less than 1$/hours worked)

How are we different?

We’ve already said goodbye to excess paperwork and ink-stained sleeves. No need to drive across town just to sign a piece of paper. Find or advertise a job with us for free!

Can you recruit as well?

Of course! We’ll help you find the perfect student for you! We’ll give you a free listing on our job portal and recruit from our student database. And we can even screen them on demand.

Why employ Hungarian sutdents?

As of 2023 the Hungarian minimal wage is $4. We have some of the best universites in Europe with some of the smartes minds studying there. You can find twice as qualified workers for half the price as in the US/Western EU (with of course great English skills😉)

Kecskés Csoma a Quantum Diákmunka Iskolaszövetkezet egyik alapítója

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