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A student union made simple

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100% digital school cooperative: do everything conveniently in minutes!

Our goal is to save you not only time, but money! On the Quantum School Cooperative platform, we have automated everything from contracting to accounting. If you want to visit the future and say goodbye to paperwork, join us and experience Quantum!



Automatic contracting, additions with a few clicks.

Member registry

Real-time tracking of statuses, wages, hours worked.



Invoiceable, prompt and error-free accounts at the end of the month.


Immediate invoicing to ensure that students' salaries are paid as soon as possible.

Student work, the completely tax-free form of employment

  • Work experience and a chance to earn a living, at a young age!
  • You typically pay 0% tax on your income under 25 years!
  • This also benefits our partner companies, as they can offer much higher wages than other forms of employment

Quantum Student Union takes care of everything - instantly

  • As a student, sign a contract from your mobile in just a few minutes.
  • For companies, we’ve reduced the entire monthly invoicing process to a single click on our central platform.
  • Keep track of all your current hours, payments and contracting status easily on the web or in our app.


How can we help?

If you’re a student, we’ll find you the perfect company; if you’re a company, the perfect student. It’s that simple!
All this in a modern suit and instantly!

How are we different?

At Quantum Student Union, we’ve already said goodbye to excess paperwork and ink-stained sleeves. You don’t need to drive across town just to sign a piece of paper. Find or advertise a job with us for free!

Why should you become a Quantum member?

Let us ask the questions 😊

Do you believe that the future of student employment is digital?

If the answer is yes, then Quantum Student Union is the place for you!

Where can you find us?

Online! We’ve already taken care of all the paperwork, so there’s no need to visit us in person, you can do everything from your phone.

That’s why we can help you with our innovative student employment solutions in Budapest and in all counties of the country.

Have a question? Contact us via chat and (during working hours😉) we’ll respond immediately: Contact us!

Did I see you in Shark Tank?

Yes! On this page you can find out all about the experience.